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For 20 years, Rehab Management has been delivering high quality integrated rehabilitation and workplace health solutions across a range of sectors in Australia. These solutions include personal injury, government, disability, life insurance and corporate health and wellbeing.

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Rehab Management is an award-winning Australasian occupational/vocational rehabilitation provider which believes in taking accountability for enabling the ‘life outcomes’ that clients, mostly injured workers, achieve – especially those relating to return-to-work.

The company has been building evidence and data about the outcomes facilitated by a team of experienced occupational therapists and their professional partners in the allied health and employment related areas (such as physiotherapy, psychology and job transition support).

The company’s customers, primarily state and federal regulators, self-insured employers and insurers, are (rightly) demanding better and more overt demonstration of their ‘return on investment’. It has always been relatively easy to show the ‘outputs’ of occupational/vocational rehabilitation however, like most healthcare-related areas, being able to evidence what has been achieved for, and with, individuals and the impact of those outcomes at Scheme and societal levels is difficult. The attribution of efforts and the multi-factorial complexity of the dynamic in workplace rehabilitation between individuals & their families, employers, insurers/regulators and treaters makes for a challenging measurement framework. And then the leap to linking those results/outcomes with pay is one the industry has been reticent to embrace.

However, Rehab Management is already demonstrating that it is achievable, and indeed, desirable to get on board with the push towards greater accountability for outcomes, and performance-based pay. The outsourced claims managers in the Workers Compensation Schemes in Victoria and NSW have for years had performance incentive components relating to Scheme outcomes. In some instances with proactive sub-contractors like Rehab Management, they have been these with their partners.

Rehab Management’s view is that it works best where there are integrated models of service delivery with clearly defined leadership. And where there is a direct link to both the customer-centric objectives, and reductions in the costs and liabilities, of the Scheme.

The Results Based Accountability (RBA) model which is internationally renown and used extensively in Australia and NZ, especially in Health relies on two key dimensions (refer to the Ministry of Health website for explanation and examples, http://www.health.govt.nz/about-ministry/what-we-do/streamlined-contracting/results-based-accountability):

  • Population-based, i.e. targeted client cohorts, and
  • Performance-based, i.e. how much, who well and is anyone better off.

The link to pay has always been a vexed issue for providers. The readiness to back yourself and your team, and to accept that there are variables you don’t control is key. Rehab Management already has outcome-based payment components with insurers and regulators in NSW, Tasmania and at a Commonwealth Agency level. The company has been investing in research around innovative performance measurement and pay mechanisms and believe for organisations like theirs where there’s a willingness to putting some ‘skin in the game’ that there is exciting potential to be linked to both Scheme customer and liability objectives.

There’s lots of balanced reviews of both RBA as a tool and as a pay for performance mechanism in Healthcare, and a strong emerging body of best practice evidence plus some cautionary tales. Check out the following links:




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