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CAREERS BLOG: A day in the life of National Psychological Health and Wellbeing Manager, Jaclyn Potts

I am the National Psychological Health and Wellbeing Manager at Rehab Management , a national occupational rehabilitation provider. In my role, I support our internal psychologists to support and assist individuals with psychological workplace, motor vehicle or personal injuries to recover and return to meaningful employment. I also supervise our national team of provisional psychologists and love having a role in shaping their experience and learning as psychologists within the context of occupational rehabilitation.

I am dedicated and passionate about early intervention and frequently conduct seminars and training programs to increase mental health awareness and decrease the stigma of mental illness within workplaces. I work across a range of organisations to support them in increasing their responsiveness to mental health concerns, engaging in early intervention, stress management and supporting them when psychological claims arise.

A day in my life as a National Psychological Health and Wellbeing Manager varies from day to day. Just last week I travelled to Melbourne to support an insurance organisation educate their members on the ageing workforce and mental health awareness.

7am – Airport breakfast for me, and a great people watching opportunity! One of the great things in my job is being able to see Australia. Because Rehab Management is national, it means I can travel across the country and expand my knowledge and experience.

9am – Melbourne city, conducted the training session, followed by an engaging and thought provoking Q&A. At Rehab Management we promote shared and industry learning so a Q&A is always thought-provoking for me and helps me identify gaps for improvement in the industry.

12pm – Lunch meeting with a corporate employer to discuss gaps in the workplace psychological support and bullying and harassment training they currently have available. For me, assisting organisations to create mentally healthy workplaces is a real driver in my role.

2pm – A quick stop in at our Melbourne office to say hello to the team and conduct reviews of a sample of case files to support mental health strategies and optimise client outcomes.

4pm – Rehab Management is really focused on efficiency and technology. Using our in-house built RMReach video-conferencing software I conducted an Employee Assistance Program triage with a client in a remote area. Here I was able to use my foundational psych skills to provide support to a client with work and personal challenges.

I love my role. The diversity, challenges and passion it brings is so invigorating. I can't image working in any other industry. Occupational rehabilitation enables me to have diverse and rewarding experiences on a daily basis.




CAREERS BLOG: Meet Dominique, our Senior Rehabilitation Consultant helping the fight against Neuroblastoma one step at a time.

When Senior Rehabilitation Consultant, Dominique Higgins decided to do her first Point to Pinnacle three years ago she was apprehensive at best.

“I’m really not a runner,” says Dominique, which is surprising for someone who is preparing to run the world’s toughest half marathon for the third time.

On Sunday, 18 November, Dominique will be running the 21.1km uphill stretch between Sandy Bay and Mount Wellington in Tasmania.  Previously, Dominique has used the half-marathon to raise funds for the Cancer Council Tasmania. On Sunday, Dominique is returning for a different reason. Earlier this year, two-year-old Eleanor Oakley was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer known as Neuroblastoma. Dominique, who is friends with Eleanor’s mum Jacqui, decided that this year’s Point to Pinnacle Fundraiser will go towards treatment and living costs for Eleanor and her family.

Following the diagnosis, Jacqui and Rob, left their Hobart home and their jobs as a teacher and a firefighter, to be with Eleanor in Melbourne so she can get the very best treatments available.

Eleanor’s Neuroblastoma has seen her undergo intensive chemotherapy, radiation treatment, an 8.5-hour long surgery which resulted in her lungs collapsing and a lung relapse all before her second birthday. Recently Eleanor had a scan to determine whether her disease was stable enough to commence Immunotherapy. Sadly, two new spots were detected in the area where Eleanor’s original tumour was.  This news has had immense repercussions on the family meaning they may need to relocate overseas for further treatment.

The treatment is expected to continue for at least another year, a year Dominque is determined the Oakley family won’t go through alone.

“I wasn’t planning to do another Point to Pinnacle,” admits Dominique, “but when I heard about Eleanor’s situation, I wanted to do something to help.”

When she first registered, Dominque set herself a goal to raise $2,000 for her friends. Of course in the lead up to the big day, Dominique is taking part in the weekly Park Run, regular walks and runs and hill training to prepare but her main focus is reaching her fundraising goal. In just 20 days, her Go Fund Me page has reached $1,370. At Rehab Management, people are at the centre of our business and helping people where we can is among our highest values. Dominique’s efforts to help the Oakley family live out that value and here at RM, we are prouder than ever to have her on our team. We’ll all be cheering on and thinking of Dominique during her gruelling run this weekend and lending our support through donations. If you’d like to help Dominique reach her goal and make a difference to Eleanor’s life, follow this link to donate.

CAREERS BLOG: How one Rehab Management employee is breaking down gender stereotypes in the workplace

Meet Brad, our newest Corporate Services Assistant at Rehab Management and AimBig Employment.

This August, Brad is taking part in Sydney’s best-known marathon, the City2Surf.  As Brad will tell you, his relationship with the City2Surf wasn’t always a love affair. At age 10, Brad’s mum signed him up for the fun run for the first time.

“I was sulking, dragging my feet and falling behind. I was a 10 year old kid, I didn’t want to be there,” recalls Brad. “My mum always tells people how she had to let me jump in piles of dead leaves and crush discarded cups with my feet to keep me moving”.

Flash forward to 2014, Brad was participating in the 14-kilometre-long run again, but this time, with much less protestation. Brad’s sister, Madeline, set up a team in honour of their Dad, Steve – an avid runner, a member of the Kembla Joggers and a repeat City2Surf participant who sadly lost his battle with skin cancer in 2008.

This year #TeamSteve will be taking on the City2Surf again with the goal of raising $700 for Cure Cancer Australia.

“You hear it all the time, people are always asking you to donate to this cause or to that one, but there is almost always a story behind it. For us, it’s about remembering our Dad’s legacy and contributing to a day when we don’t all have to worry so much about cancer”.

To Brad, family is the most important thing, which is why, he says, he likes working with the administration team so much.

“We all work together really well. We’re like the gatekeepers of Rehab Management, everything comes through us”.

Brad also likes working in admin because of the “transferable skills” he has developed as a self-confessed nerd, “getting to work in front of a computer all day and process information is a dream to me”.

And as for the stigma that men are less inclined to thrive in administration roles?

“I take pride in breaking through that stereotype. If you can do the job, and you like the job, and you’re qualified for the job, go for it. Man or woman, it doesn’t really matter. The best way to breakdown these stigmas is to get in there and get the job done”.

While Brad’s mum won’t be walking him through piles of leaves this year, she will be waiting for him at the finish line. Brad will also have the full support of the Rehab Management and AimBig Employment teams as he and the rest of #TeamSteve make their way from the CBD to Bondi on 14 August.

You can donate to #TeamSteve here: https://city2surf2018.everydayhero.com/au/teamsteve.


Rehab Management, has been appointed as a Disability Employment Services (DES) Panel provider. Commencing 1 July 2018, Rehab Management will strengthen its work in the disability sector across Australia by supporting people with disability to gain and maintain meaningful employment.

“We are proud and privileged to be selected to partner with the Department of Social Services through the DES program,” said Managing Director, Marcella Romero.

“We’ve been providing extensive employment and rehabilitation services for more than 20 years, so we are well equipped to focus on client needs, across specialist and generalist streams. We’re also honoured to be selected as the only company, to be servicing the physical disability (musculoskeletal) specialist stream, nationally”.

Following extensive community consultation, as part of the 2017 reform, the DES program will now focus on participant choice in providing immediate access to tailored services for job seekers whose disability is assessed as the primary impediment to their gaining employment. Rehab Management will help these people to secure suitable employment in the open labour market.

Romero said that “her award-winning company with a strong local presence in every state and territory has been successful in the past through its commitment to a whole-person approach”.

“Our team of experienced professionals look forward to working across 58 employment service areas with the runs on the board to really add value to people with disabilities and employers by finding suitable and meaningful employment. Our services cover every contingency and are tailored and proactive, plus we invest heavily in technology to make sure we’re up to date and can reach Australians everywhere – urban, rural or remote.”

Rehab Management is in the process of expanding our disability division which may see development into a subsidiary company for our disability support services arm. Further details to be released prior to 1st July 2018.

For further information on the panel appointment, please contact Head of Communications – Alysha Mortimore – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

To join us on our transition into the DES Panel and expanding disability division, please send your expression of interest.



We are excited to welcome Serhat Oguz to our business as the Chief Operating Officer. Serhat is a highly energetic senior executive with a solid and proven track record in General Management and finance. With over 20 years’ experience, Serhat prides himself on being a respected and collaborative operations executive.

Serhat is enthusiastic about this new professional opportunity, “I am excited to be joining Rehab Management during a time of growth and expansion. I look forward to working in collaboration with the team to ensure that we are working effectively and efficiently to provide the best possible service to our valued customers and clients.”

As RM’s COO, Serhat will oversee company multi-divisional operations nation-wide. Bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, we are thrilled to have a dedicated and passionate leader join the team. Welcome Serhat!


Last night, Rehab Management had the privilege of attending the Annual CareerTrackers Indigenous Internship Program's Gala Dinner. 2018 marks our third Gala Dinner attendance in support of the achievements of Indigenous interns placed with private sector employers. Our current intern Rory Vocale has been interning with us as a physiotherapy assistant and has had a profound impact on our Sydney Metro team. We were also fortunate to catch up with our past intern Jai McAllister and learn of his post-internship achievements including a career with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Rehab Management is honoured to be a part of the internship program which allows us to support Indigenous participation in the economy and gain access to Indigenous impact research which informs our CSR strategy. Click below to view more photos from the night.

Facebook - CareerTracker's album




Rehab Management has officially reached a milestone 1000 LinkedIn Followers! In this digital age, we understand it’s more important than ever to stay connected and maintain an online presence. Utilising social media has been a great opportunity for our company as a whole to promote company news and events, showcasing our services, celebrating professional and personal achievements, or even providing tips on general health and wellbeing. Not only does LinkedIn allow us to connect with our customers and stakeholders but, it allows our employees to become an extension of our brand as well, all helping to promote the same vision.

A big thank you to everyone who has joined us on our journey. Your engagement with our content, sharing with networks, following the page and encouraging others has been fundamental in achieving this milestone.

Visit our LinkedIn page here.



We are proud to announce Rehab Management has been invited to be a provider on the Transport Accident Commission’s (TAC) Vocational Rehabilitation Services Panel.

The TAC is a Victorian statutory authority responsible for managing a compensation scheme that pays benefits to people injured in transport accidents. Our new customer falls under our Motor Vehicle Accident (CTP) Insurance commercial line. Rehab Management’s values, strategy and commitment to quality outcomes and innovation, closely aligned to that of the TAC’s particularly in line with their 2020 Strategy and Towards Zero initiative. This combined with our extensive coverage Victoria-wide made us well-positioned to attain a panel position.

Rehab Management is proud to partner with TAC and deliver a person-centred service approach, supporting their 2020 Strategy and ensuring the continuity and sustainability of assisting Victorians to recover and rehabilitate from an accident.

Well done to our Vic team!


We sat down with our IT Analyst Dean Sekuloski  to raise awareness for his 3500km adventure for a worthy cause.

RM: Why did you choose to participate in the Cancer Council Mystery Box Rally?

DS: This event gained my interest when I learned the event required a vehicle 25 years or older. The event itself is quite unique in that we don’t actually know where we will be going until the start of each day. It's nice to share the experience with my dad also.

RM: What’s the purpose of the rally?

DS: It’s run to raise much needed funds for the Cancer Council.  Last year the two events raised $1 million.

RM: How do you prepare for an event like this?

DS: After finding a 1976 Mitsubishi Galant for sale out in a paddock on a farm in Griffith NSW, I decided that this would be the vehicle to do the 3500km journey on non-existent country roads. These roads are all unsealed and can cause much damage on the most well equipped cars. For the last month or so I have spent most of my free time working on the car and preparing it for everything outback Australia can throw at us.

RM: Why is the cause so important to you?

DS: Unfortunately, almost everyone has a personal story about how cancer has impacted their own life. We are glad that this adventure can be used as an opportunity to help support the Cancer Council and raise funds for the research, prevention and treatment of cancer. Cancer has affected immediate family of mine so this is a cause that I’m passionate about and willing to assist in any way I can.

You can donate to this worthy cause here. All donations $5 and over are tax deductible and will go a long way in cancer research, prevention and treatment.


In Australia, there are approximately 115,000 serious injury claims and 205 work related deaths each year. Since Safe Work Australia was established in 2008, there has been a steady decline in the rate of work-related fatalities and workers’ compensation claims. However, no injury or death is acceptable and costs the Australian community a staggering $61.8 billion a year.

October marks the annual Safe Work Month. At Rehab Management we have a WHS working committee and are focused on safe and healthy workplaces for all employees. Regardless of industry, it is crucial to promote a working environment that fosters health and safety. From virtual seminars, videos and tips, Safe Work Australia provides a number of ways to get involved and support the cause.

This week, Tasmanian State Manager D’Arcy Arnold and his team will represent Rehab Management at the Work Health Safety & Wellbeing Expo in Hobart. This free expo will showcase products, services, new technologies and innovations vital to workplace health and safety. Come visit us at stand 17 and take advantage of this interactive event of seminars and keynote speakers, all addressing issues vital to the industry.

To learn more about the expo: http://worksaferexpo.com.au/




Rehab Management is proud to announce that our very own Founder and Managing Director, Marcella Romero has been selected as a Finalist in the 2017 Telstra New South Wales Business Women’s Awards (Entrepreneur category). The Awards celebrate exceptional business women, shedding light on their achievements as business leaders, results of inclusive leadership and contribution to the economy. “…the 2017 finalists have all shown determination, innovative thinking and exceptional leadership to deliver real business impact.” - Group Executive Media and Chief Marketing Officer, Joe Pollard.

Read Marcella’s entrepreneurial story here


One of our long serving employees Emma Caire recently made the move from our West Victoria location to our Brisbane office. We caught up with Emma to discuss how she went.

RM: Victoria to Queensland is a big move. Was it a smooth transition and do you feel you have settled into your new surroundings now?

EC: Yes, it was a really smooth transition. I was able to take leave prior to commencing in Brisbane allowing me enough time to relocate and settle into my new house without feeling stressed and rushed. Moving interstate can be stressful but the timing of my relocation and new start date in Brisbane worked out really well.

RM: What kind of support did RM provide during the move?

EC: Rehab Management was very supportive during my relocation and provided me with operational assistance. There are many aspects of an interstate move to consider and plan for like transport and finding a new home. Knowing my workplace was there to support me alleviated some of the pressure. The communication lines were always open and Rehab Management showed a lot of support when it came to the timing of the move and the commencement timeframes in Brisbane. It was particularly useful to have the expectations of my new region discussed and clear prior to commencing. For instance, the variety of frameworks we work within can be quite different from state to state. Training needs were identified and addressed by the Area Managers and together we were able to match my areas of competence to the services provided.

RM: In what ways was communication between the two offices maintained?

EC: This was mainly via teleconferences with video communication software. Along with this I was also supported with an induction program in Brisbane which allowed us to go into depth about the requirements and transition to a new state. Rehab Management has a great communication technology platform which made it easier to have discussions and meetings about the transfer. The processes’ and procedures are consistent across the country so no matter which office you are in the principals are the same further enhancing how easy an interstate move can be.

RM: What advice would you give to those working in the occupational rehab industry thinking about making a move?

EC: Start by gaining as much knowledge as you can about the state you're going to, the services they deliver and the customers they work with. When you do move there may be different legislation to consider and new opportunities for professional growth. Obviously there is also a lot of planning involved when relocating interstate however like everything in life, the more prepared you are the easier it will be. Rehab Management is an extremely supportive employer who has been there every step of the way to ensure I have settled in well to my new location. If you're considering relocating, it's definitely worth getting some more info on how seamless it can be with Rehab Management. It may just be the best move you make!



What is the impact of suicide on Australia's society?

We know that suicide prevention is an enormously complex and a sensitive challenge the world over. The statistics in regards to mental health are undoubtedly confronting. Every year, one in five adults or 3.2 million Australians will have a mental health difficulty, and 45% of the Australian adult population will experience mental illness at some point in their lifetime.

How has it impacted you as Occupational Rehabilitation Consultant?

I work to support many individuals experiencing mental health conditions and witness the impact of mental health on an individuals’ family, friends and work colleagues. I have worked alongside many positive workplaces that have focused on the mental health of their employees, ensured those who experience mental health difficulties are supported, and have promoted positive cultures that are conducive to mental wellbeing.

What can workplaces do to help their employees?

The stand out factor is that they promote the importance of having meaningful conversations with individuals that may be struggling or appear to be struggling with their mental health. In particular, more workplaces should support initiatives such as R U OK? Day which recognises the importance of connecting with those around you.

Are there any tips you can give to people about how to check in on someone?

Simply asking ‘are you okay?’ can be an important catalyst for assisting those struggling with mental health to source the support they need. R U OK? Day also provides some great resources for how to connect with those around you. Some of these tips include:

1.     Be relaxed, friendly and concerned in your approach.

2.     Encourage conversation by asking questions like "How are you going?" or "What’s been happening?"

3.     Mention specific things that have made you concerned for them, like "You seem less chatty than usual. How are you going?"

Staying connected and having meaningful conversations is something we can all do. You don't need to be an expert - just a friend and a good listener. So, if you notice someone who might be struggling - start a conversation.



Rehab Management is proud to announce that our very own Founder and Managing Director, Marcella Romero has been selected as a Finalist in the 2017 Executive of the Year Awards. The CEO Magazine’s Executive of the Year Awards is Australia’s most prestigious business awards event, recognising the individual excellence, success and innovation of senior executives across Australia.

With thousands of entries across 23 categories, Marcella has been selected as a Health and Pharmaceutical Executive of the Year Finalist. On behalf of Rehab Management, we wish Marcella all the best at this year’s awards ceremony which is anticipated to have over 550 guests attending from the country’s most respected brands.



As a nationally accredited provider we specialise in a range of rehabilitation services across multiple insurance and industry frameworks and have over ten years’ experience working within the military industry.

Medibank’s Garrison Health Services (GHS) delivers a national integrated healthcare service to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Through Medibank’s extensive network, GHS provides seamless access to quality healthcare to the 60 000+ permanent and 20 000+ reservist uniformed ADF personnel—from point of injury or illness to recovery.

The GHS team manages and coordinates over 1100 On-base primary healthcare experts, over 5000 Medical Specialists, over 260 Hospitals and over 9000 Allied Health professionals, working in collaboration across all Australian states and territories.

Rehab Management is proud to partner with Medibank as part of the GHS Provider Network and deliver a person-centered service approach ensuring the continuity and sustainability of ADF healthcare.

“We’re honoured to be a part of the GHS Provider Network as a result of our recent appointment. Providing these services is something that we as a company are passionate about and we are focused and determined to deliver the outcomes expected by Medibank Health Solutions as part of this partnership. With a national footprint spanning across metro and regional Australia, we have the resources to ensure consistent services and assist ADF personnel reach their recovery goals.” – Marcella Romero, Managing Director.

With a strong understanding of the unique ADF culture and the impact of military service on personnel and their rehabilitation requirements, Rehab Management is well-positioned to service this contract which commenced 1 July 2017.

For further information on our panel appointment, please contact Client Relations Manager – Military, Chris Hammacott, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or 0411 739 213.




This week, Rehab Management successfully hosted our very first ACT Breakfast Forum at the Canberra Institute of Technology Restaurant.

With over 50 ORAMS and industry representatives in attendance, we welcomed special guest speaker Dr Romil Jain, Intensive Care Specialist and Pain Medicine Specialist at the ACT Pain Centre, who presented insights on the occurrence of chronic pain, effective treatments and how to return the individual back into the workplace.

Also presenting was our very own Client Relations Manager, Susie Irvine who discussed the effects of the bio-psychosocial vortex which may cause injuries to become intractable and how our innovative and evidence based tools, RMOptimise and the Resilience Training Program can improve RTW outcomes.  To close the forum ACT State Manager, Nicole Turner spoke about Rehab Management's Work Trial Exchange Pilot which focuses on helping injured people increase work capacity, expand current work experience and how to secure a new role.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the forum and look forward to presenting more valuable insights again soon.



Rehab Management’s Tasmanian Team recently celebrated another achievement after successfully being appointed to deliver workplace rehabilitation services on behalf of the Tasmanian Government Department of Treasury and Finance. This is a huge win for the company as the Tasmanian Risk Management Fund is responsible for the insurable liabilities of approximately 24 state Government Agencies.

The panel appointment further enhances our capacity to achieve our vision to be leaders in occupational rehabilitation excellence and be the provider of choice for individuals and organisations by 2020.

Our national bid team with support from our local Tasmanian staff, submitted a competitive tender which effectively reinforced Rehab Management’s core values of people, quality, customer focus and innovation.

Support and knowledge from our Tasmanian State Manager, D’Arcy Arnold enabled Rehab Management to tailor a solution to support the Tasmanian Government’s strategic priorities and commitment to the health and wellbeing of their employees. Through his commitment to what we value – customer focus, D’Arcy and his Tasmanian team have supported Rehab Management in laying the foundations for a positive customer relationship and experience.

D’Arcy went on to say that his “team are grateful for the opportunity and are looking forward to being able to provide assistance to those working within the Tasmanian State Government sector. Our aim will be to continue to provide our services in a cost effective, timely, and outcome focused manner.”

This panel appointment further highlights the Tasmanian team’s assertion to institute industry connections and maintain positive customer relationships whilst providing a tailored service.



Last week Rehab Management hosted our Annual Leadership Forum.

Our managers from around Australia gathered in the beautiful Manly in what was a successful, strategic and empowering event.

Thank you to all of our managers for attending and corporate team who made the forum come to life.

Also a special mention to our guest speaker Angela Lewis from OrgCultureBites, who led the team through a session on how to develop a high performance culture.



Rehab Management is an award-winning Australasian occupational/vocational rehabilitation provider which believes in taking accountability for enabling the ‘life outcomes’ that clients, mostly injured workers, achieve – especially those relating to return-to-work.

The company has been building evidence and data about the outcomes facilitated by a team of experienced occupational therapists and their professional partners in the allied health and employment related areas (such as physiotherapy, psychology and job transition support).

The company’s customers, primarily state and federal regulators, self-insured employers and insurers, are (rightly) demanding better and more overt demonstration of their ‘return on investment’. It has always been relatively easy to show the ‘outputs’ of occupational/vocational rehabilitation however, like most healthcare-related areas, being able to evidence what has been achieved for, and with, individuals and the impact of those outcomes at Scheme and societal levels is difficult. The attribution of efforts and the multi-factorial complexity of the dynamic in workplace rehabilitation between individuals & their families, employers, insurers/regulators and treaters makes for a challenging measurement framework. And then the leap to linking those results/outcomes with pay is one the industry has been reticent to embrace.

However, Rehab Management is already demonstrating that it is achievable, and indeed, desirable to get on board with the push towards greater accountability for outcomes, and performance-based pay. The outsourced claims managers in the Workers Compensation Schemes in Victoria and NSW have for years had performance incentive components relating to Scheme outcomes. In some instances with proactive sub-contractors like Rehab Management, they have been these with their partners.

Rehab Management’s view is that it works best where there are integrated models of service delivery with clearly defined leadership. And where there is a direct link to both the customer-centric objectives, and reductions in the costs and liabilities, of the Scheme.

The Results Based Accountability (RBA) model which is internationally renown and used extensively in Australia and NZ, especially in Health relies on two key dimensions (refer to the Ministry of Health website for explanation and examples, http://www.health.govt.nz/about-ministry/what-we-do/streamlined-contracting/results-based-accountability):

  • Population-based, i.e. targeted client cohorts, and
  • Performance-based, i.e. how much, who well and is anyone better off.

The link to pay has always been a vexed issue for providers. The readiness to back yourself and your team, and to accept that there are variables you don’t control is key. Rehab Management already has outcome-based payment components with insurers and regulators in NSW, Tasmania and at a Commonwealth Agency level. The company has been investing in research around innovative performance measurement and pay mechanisms and believe for organisations like theirs where there’s a willingness to putting some ‘skin in the game’ that there is exciting potential to be linked to both Scheme customer and liability objectives.

There’s lots of balanced reviews of both RBA as a tool and as a pay for performance mechanism in Healthcare, and a strong emerging body of best practice evidence plus some cautionary tales. Check out the following links:






Rehab Management is one of only 4 providers in Victoria who are eligible to receive the rating from Worksafe.

At Rehab Management we are committed to consistently achieving results of a high standard which is highlighted by our Victorian team again attaining a 3 Star rating from Worksafe Victoria for OES (Original Employer Services).

The achievement is testament to our Victorian team’s work ethic and commitment to providing a service which warrants these kinds of accolades. The 3 star rating is the highest rating which can be awarded by Worksafe and is only issued when a rehab provider’s service is 10% higher than the benchmark for scheme outcomes across the industry.

This isn’t the first time our Victoria team has achieved a 3 star rating as they have achieved the same feat over the last 2 years by consistently delivering a high standard of service which coincides with one of our core values at Rehab Management, Quality.

One person who played a significant role in our Victorian team’s success is Rehab Management’s Head of Service Delivery, Sam Smith who believes the successful results are a reward for sticking to proven principles, “it all comes down to adhering to our core values, employ and retain the right people, keep our quality to a high standard and be as innovative as we can in order to deliver high quality results.”

Well done Victorian Team!



On average, we spend one-third of our lives at work, the time we spend at work can have a substantial impact on our mental wellbeing. The quality of relationships in the workplace is a significant factor that affects morale and overall job satisfaction. According to the latest findings from a report by Safe Work Australia:

  • The total cost of depression to employers is estimated to be $6.3 billion per annum.
  • Workers with severe depression took 20 times more sick days per month
  • Workers with psychological distress had a 154 per cent higher performance loss at work than those not experiencing psychological distress.

Having a good relationship with your manager has been found to minimise psychological health issues at work. At Rehab Management, we have a strong commitment towards maintaining the health and wellbeing of our staff. As a leader in occupational rehabilitation we provide a culture which fosters openness and awareness towards depression and psychological distress.

Along with our support services, we recognise national and international campaigns that focus on improving health and wellbeing. Today we are recognising and supporting @World Health Day.

We recognise the importance of strong communication lines to combat depression and today our People, Culture and Talent Coordinator ran a seminar on how to help managers recognise signs of distress in themselves and colleagues so that they can put strategies in place to support staff.

By providing the right training and prevention techniques for all staff and managers we equip our people to discuss mental health and have the skills to prevent distress more effectively thereby reducing the impact of depression.


Becher, H., & Dollard, M. (2016). Psychosocial Safety Climate and Better Productivity in Australian Workplaces. Adelaide: Safe Work Australia.

O’Sullivan, C. (2016, September 1). Train managers to deal with mental health problems at work. Retrieved from Personnel Today: http://www.personneltoday.com/hr/train-managers-deal-mental-health-problems-work/

TNS Social Research. (2014). State of Workplace Mental Health in Australia. North Sydney: Beyond Blue.


Rehab Management has always had a strong focus on people. It is one of our core values which underpin the essence of our organisation and shape the way we deliver services, communicate and define our roles as representatives of the company. People are our business and as an extension of this value we are excited to introduce you to Rehab Management’s Talent Acquisition Specialists.

The Talent Acquisition Specialists are accountable for providing high quality cost effective recruitment and retention strategies, whilst assisting in the building of our employment brand in the market. They work closely with managers in an integral role to attracting and sourcing candidates to join our company.

Meet Our Talent Team

Julia Semmens

Julia is responsible for managing the full recruitment lifecycle across our senior roles, developing and maintaining talent pools and actively informing the market of new opportunities at Rehab Management.

Randall Brown

Randall's focuses on recruiting consultants across the business on a national scale. Concentrating on all disciplines of occupational rehabilitation, Randall ensures our recruitment process is efficient and streamlined to achieve the best possible results.

The goal of our talent team, aligned to our core values is to match quality candidates to our quality job opportunities. If you are interested in our employment opportunities, please contact our talent team This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


We welcome Christina to our business as the National QA Manager. Reporting directly to our Managing Director, Marcella Romero, Christina will be responsible for implementing and monitoring the company’s quality management system which includes the management of ISO 9001 certification and NCF accreditation. She will be tasked with maintaining service accreditations, overseeing quality compliance across all aspects of the business and auditing company practices.

Christina is excited about her new opportunity; "I am excited to have joined the Rehab Management Team as the National Quality Assurance Manager because the role is strongly aligned with my focus on delivering high quality services. I believe achieving and maintaining quality in service delivery is the key ingredient to an organisation’s ability to become market leaders, sustain growth and diversity of services. I'm looking forward to working with the staff at Rehab Management to meet and exceed all organisational goals."

Christina’s wealth of experience will be a key asset in maintaining our highest company value – Quality: Excellence is our standard in all things.

Welcome Christina!


We welcome Susie to our business as the National Commonwealth Services Manager. During her professional career, Susie has developed a strong understanding of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act, 1988 (Commonwealth) and account management experience, with key strengths in her extensive knowledge of Commonwealth agencies and the Comcare framework.

Susie is excited about her new professional opportunity; “Rehab Management is a dynamic and growing company and I am grateful to now be a part of this great team. I look forward to contributing to the vast range of skills the company has to offer to ensure the company continues to provide the efficient and effective service for our customers,”

We share in Susie's enthusiasm and are excited to have a dedicated, passionate leader who can support us in our vision to be the number one and nation-wide market leader in occupational rehabilitation and provider of choice to our customers and people.

Welcome Susie!



At Rehab Management we are committed to consistently achieving results of a high standard. Last week, this was highlighted when we received confirmation of attaining a 3 star provider rating for Original Employer Services from the release of WorkSafe Victoria’s Occupational Rehabilitation Provider Benchmark Performance Report.

The achievement is testament to our Victorian team’s work ethic and commitment to providing a service which warrants these kinds of accolades.

WorkSafe’s  3 star rating is the highest rating that can be gained in Victoria and is only issued when a rehab provider’s service is 10% higher than the benchmark for scheme outcomes across the industry.

In achieving the rating, Rehab Management now ranks in the top 3 of 31 RTW service providers across the state who are all eligible to receive the same rating from Worksafe.

This isn’t the first time our Victorian team has achieved a 3 star rating. The same feat was achieved this time last year, reinforcing the company’s commitment to achieving consistent results in line with one of our core values, that being Quality.

Someone who has played a significant role in our Victorian team’s success is Rehab Management’s Head of Service Delivery, Sam Smith who believes the successful results are a reward for sticking to proven principles for achieving success.

“It all comes down to adhering to our key values, employ and retain the right people, keep our quality to a high standard and be as innovative as we can be. From here, high quality results should consistently be achieved.”

Recruitment and ensuring our employees’ mindset remains positive and that they are driven to succeed, also remains crucial to our company’s success.

“A key factor in achieving these results is identifying who the right people are we should have in company and keeping them engaged so that they want to achieve success for the company.”

Our Victorian team along with our teams across the country will use this achievement as further encouragement to provide high quality services to our clients with the aim of maintaining this 3 Star rating for year on year.




At Rehab Management we place a great emphasis on building and subsequently maintaining our employee’s confidence as we know the benefits confident workers can bring to our company.

As noted by the American Management Association, “no matter how smart and skilled your employees are, if they lack confidence that they can make a difference or that their voice will be heard, they’ll perform below their potential.”

Here at Rehab Management we understand that building employee confidence requires more than giving the odd compliment to a co-worker.

Increasing confidence requires real conversation; learning about the process that went into completing a task, hearing about the challenges the employee faced, the ways in which they overcame the problem and their hopes for the future.

By doing this our employees are able to see how their presence and the work in which they produce is a valued asset to our company therefore, inspiring them to produce high quality work.

Merely telling someone they have potential will do little to bolster employee confidence.

As the American Management Association says when it comes to building employee confidence “timing is everything” therefore it is essential to develop the habit of rewarding outstanding employee behaviour as soon as it appears.

The American Management Association advises 7 ways managers can build employee confidence:

1. Acknowledge weaknesses, but play to people's strengths.

2. Don't assume people know how good they are.

3. When people do something very well, acknowledge it immediately.

4. Encourage people to “go public” about their achievements.

5. Help people identify their strengths and then find ways to capitalise on them.

6. Create small victories.

7. Plan for the future.

By using these tips as a guide, you or your company could join the likes of Rehab Management in realising the benefits that boosting employee confidence can have on workplace productivity.


"Building Employee Confidence". Amanet.org. N.p., 2017. Web. 23 Jan. 2017.



At Rehab Management, we place a strong emphasis on achieving a diverse workforce, therefore our objective is to recruit employees who represent a wide range of ages, backgrounds and cultures.

The New Year is upon us and having had a well earnt rest following years of study, January is the time we most often see a high number of recent University graduates submit applications for job vacancies.

Rehab Management acknowledges the importance of providing an opportunity to graduates and subsequently fostering their professional growth.

There are multiple benefits in recruiting recent graduates with The Undercover Recruiter reporting that graduates have “the ability to be trained and guided toward specific managerial roles.” Furthermore, we must realise that “Even though job positions need to be filled relatively quickly, a business should still consider the long term capabilities of their newest possible employee.”

It is statements like this that reinforce the idea that a strategically planned recruiting process focusing on the health of the company long-term will prove to be far more beneficial then filling a position out of haste. It is with this in mind that the RM Academy was launched.

This week Rehab Management welcomes six graduates who specialise in Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Psychology.

Rehab Management’s Head of People, Culture & Talent developed the RM Academy and says;

“An advantage of hiring graduates is the fresh approach and vigour they bring, often injecting new life into a workplace with their energy and enthusiasm for their first work environment.”

The initiative will see six recent University graduates be provided with a unique opportunity to learn the ins and outs of their field while being supported by a nation-wide national rehabilitation provider as they begin their careers. Four of these RM Academy members come from the regional towns of Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Tamworth and Orange and bring with them a wide range of life experiences.

The intensive graduate development program was developed in order to enhance a graduates' capability in preparation for their career at RM whilst providing real and rewarding experiences with guidance from trusted and respected people within the workplace rehabilitation industry. Many graduates are drawn to a company because of its culture just as much as the career opportunity itself. People want to work where they will be happy, supported, rewarded and motivated.

“The RM Academy is a valuable bridge between university tertiary studies and working life. The three month program assists with easing candidates into the world of work and give them the skills necessary to become part of the larger team. Our RM Academy has a tailored mix training program to help provide valuable support and skills for graduates to help build their confidence in the workplace. We provide the right kinds of tools and training to ensure all our graduates can achieve career success through mentoring, peer support and e-learning.”

This is one of a number of ways in which Rehab Management is committed to creating a diverse workforce all while fostering new talent which will service our company for many years to come.

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Feel like the Christmas break is a distant memory? Here are 5 tips to help you avoid getting overwhelmed when it's time to come back to work after the holidays:

  1. Slow down, stay calm and take a deep breath. You won't finish everything on day one.
  2. Begin prioritising what's urgent and critical.
  3. Get an early win by focusing on completing ONE task until it’s done.
  4. Return to your pre-holiday routine or implement a new and improved one.
  5. Relive your holiday memories by reviewing your favourite photos or sharing your experiences with a co-worker or friend.

Let's get 2017 off to a great start! From the team at Rehab Management - Happy New Year!

Sources: https://twoplacescalledhome.wordpress.com/2011/07/06/leadership-focus-10-ways-to-return-to-work-after-holidays/



Working together to make a difference this Christmas!

This year, Rehab Management has again partnered with Mission Australia in our Annual Christmas Charity Appeal. This partnership has bene in place for 3 years and continues to be an anticipated national event within Rehab Management that encourages our staff to give back in the season of giving.

“Mission Australia works to reduce homelessness and strengthen communities across the country with the organisation this year helping 130,000 Australians get back on their feet by assisting to find housing, work and develop important life skills.

This Christmas 105,000 Australians will be homeless with 17,845 of these people being Children. In lieu of hampers, Rehab Management is partnering with the charity as part of the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal. “

Rehab Management is committed to making a difference this Christmas in continuing to build our strong partnership with Mission Australia.

A big thank you to all staff that have made someone’s Christmas that little extra special this year.


Source: https://www.missionaustralia.com.au/


Rehab Management prides itself on long-term customer relationships across a diverse range of business lines. We have strategically structured our business development team to have technical expertise across each customer business line to ensure we can provide a tailored service, specific to the customer’s needs.

In continuing our Commonwealth Agencies’ customer relationships, earlier this month we we’re fortunate enough to have two of the lead ORAMS panel agency (ATO) representatives visit our Surry Hills office. This gave us an opportunity to discuss our relationship further since being appointed to the panel and highlight some of the innovative and focused initiatives we have planned for 2017.

Gerard Peters and Chris Shephard from the ATO we’re also welcomed the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with our current Indigenous intern Jai, who is working with us over the Summer as part of his second internship with Rehab Management. This was a mutually rewarding interaction for our MD, Jai and the ATO representatives reinforcing a mutual commitment to corporate social responsibility and diversity in the workplace and planning future mutually rewarding initiatives as a provider on the ORAMS panel.


Pictured, Jai McAllister, Gerard Peters, Chris Shephard and Marcella Romero


D'Arcy Presenting on Tasmania's Growth

Too often focus is placed upon achieving economic success as opposed to strengthening team culture and building internal company relationships which are crucial to achieving long term success.

These ideas are reinforced by Rehab Management’s Tasmanian Manager D’Arcy Arnold who has played an integral role in securing a panel appointment with Allianz and assisted in growing Rehab Management in Tasmania.

“I am often drawn back to the belief that my role as Manager is not to look after the numbers but, to look after the people who look after the numbers.”

The appointment to the Allianz panel can be seen as a step in the right direction towards the continued growth of Rehab Management further highlighting our goal to become a leader in the Tasmanian workplace rehabilitation industry.

Despite the recent success of the Allianz panel appointment the Tasmanian team has worked hard to secure this relationship over the years.

“We had an unsuccessful application back in 2014 that was a learning experience for us however, it allowed for us to refocus and continue to strengthen our internal relationships which would in turn, strengthen our team and assist us in securing a place on the Allianz panel this time around.”

Championed by Rehab Management Rehab Counsellor (Jenna De Jong) and  the dedication of the Tasmanian team, earlier this year a refined and locally focused tender was lodged with Allianz.

“We took Allianz’s feedback from our 2014 application on board and came back with a fresh approach focusing on our company growth impact form a local perspective. “

The panel appointment is a significant achievement from Rehab Management’s initial presence within the Tasmania workplace rehabilitation industry. In 2013 consultations began, conducted by a small team (led by now Group Manager Sam Smith) who worked towards establishing and subsequently maintaining Rehab Management’s industry and customer relationships.

“The initial fly in fly out consultations allowed for a small team to start building industry relationships which have no doubt assisted us in getting to the position we are in today.”

These relationships fostered Rehab Management’s expansion in the years following with a permanent lease being solidified in 2014 allowing for Rehab Management to become a permanent fixture within the Tasmania workplace rehabilitation industry.

“The Allianz appointment and growth of the company in general is a result of Rehab Management’s commitment to establishing industry relationships, strengthening our team and placing an emphasis on organisational health.”

If you would like to become part of a people-centric  company focused on building and maintaining its customer relationships - click on the opportunity below to join our successful  Tasmanian team.

Rehab Counsellor/Psychologist
Launceston, TAS