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Rehab Management provides high quality Return to Work (RTW) services to insurers and claims agents, injury management advisors and case managers.

Accredited under the Heads of Workers Compensation Authorities’ (HWCA) Nationally Consistent  Approval Framework, our service delivery approach is underpinned by the Principles of Workplace Rehabilitation. These form a strong foundation for delivering cost-effective, timely and proactive services.

We have over 19 years of experience providing services to agencies in managed and privately written funds across Australia. Taking a whole-person biopsychosocial approach, our service delivery aligns with best-practice rehabilitation and clinical frameworks, highlighting the evidence-based approach to workplace rehabilitation services.

Each state and territory workers compensation scheme has unique features, administrative requirements and service level standards. As a result, we tailor our approach with robust systems and processes, qualified personnel overseen by commercial line specialists, and strong local management.

Health Benefits of Good Work

Rehab Management is a signatory to the Australasian Consensus for the Health Benefits of Good Work. We ardently believe the research and compelling evidence showing that work is good for a person’s health, and that being disconnected from work has significant impacts on the wellbeing of individuals, families and the broader community.

Download the Australian and New Zealand Consensus Statement on the Health Benefits of Work

Industry-Leading Results

Rehab Management has demonstrated industry-leading results with above-benchmark RTW outcomes across all state- and territory-based schemes. Recently, we achieved the highest possible 3-star rating by WorkSafe Victoria.